Servi​c​ing Prices 

The servicing costs are for the labour charges, parts are extra.  Every machine is different so the parts cost will vary.  Please call for more details.  We are not VAT registered so there are no additional VAT charges.

 Lawn Tractor                                    £120

Petrol Mower (Push)                      £60

Petrol Mower (Self Propelled)    £70

Electric Mower                                 £30

Petrol Brushcutter                          £60

Electric Strimmer                            £30

Petrol Chainsaw                               £70

Electric Chainsaw                            £30

(Includes sharpen and bar dressing)

 Petrol Hedgetrimmer                     £70  

 Electric Hedgetrimmer                   £35  

Petrol Leaf Blower/Backpack         £50/£60

Petrol Pole Pruner                            £70

Other Charges

Chainsaw Sharpen                            £12

(including bar dressing and chain depth)

Labour Charges (hourly)                  £45

Local Collection & Delivery

Pedestrian Mower                             £10

Garden Tractor                                   £30